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Conclusões do Conselho JAI de 5 Dez 06 (en)

Bulletin EU 12-2006
Area of freedom, security and justice (10/53)

Visas, crossing external borders and internal movement

1.19.10. Council conclusions on SIS II, SIS I+ and the enlargement of the Schengen area.

Adopted on 5 December. The Council noted that the abolition of controls at the internal border of the Member States which acceded into the European Union in May 2004 depends upon their ability to apply the Schengen acquis in full, including their participation in the Schengen Information System (SIS). The Council encouraged the new Member States to continue their endeavours to meet all requirements for the lifting of controls at internal borders and to be prepared for the required evaluation visits to assess their readiness for participation in the SIS. It invited the Presidency to reschedule the timetable for the follow-up and remaining evaluation visits with a view to adopting decisions by the end 2007 allowing the lifting of internal border controls at land and sea borders in January 2008 and at air borders in March 2008:

  • on SISone4all: the Council welcomed the Portuguese proposal to extend the current SIS I+ to the new Member States (SISone4all) so as to avoid that the abolition of checks at internal borders with the new Member States be postponed due to the delays affecting the SIS II. It noted that the integration of the new Member States into the SIS I+ must be accomplished ultimately by mid-October 2007 in order to allow the Schengen evaluation of SIS-related aspects to begin in November 2007 and to confirm the results of that evaluation before the end of 2007. It also noted that this decision will carry with it financial implications for all States participating in the SIS I+ so as to cover the extra costs flowing from the extension of the network and invited Member States to make the necessary adjustments to relevant financial regulations and consider measures to keep the additional costs to a minimum;
  • on SIS II: the Council reaffirmed that the development of SIS II remains an absolute priority and invited the Commission to present by April 2007 a revised timetable for SIS II which takes into account the consequences of the implementation of the SISone4all project by that time. It also invited the Presidency and the Commission respectively to report regularly on the progress and possible delays of the implementation of SISone4all and SIS II;
  • on Sisnet network: the Council noted that the contract for the provision of the Sisnet network services is due to expire in November 2008 and invited the Member States and the Commission to examine this matter and to report to the Council as soon as possible and at the latest by April 2007 on options for the renewal or replacement of the network and the necessary actions to be taken.
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